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Sharon Sala

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Deep in the Heart

Remember your first love? The boy whose presence left you breathless and sleepless, the one whose smile made you forget everything your mother ever taught you? Well I do.

Even to this day, after 30 years of marriage to a great man, I'll occasionally hear that old familiar song, or a laugh just like his, and when I do, my mind and my heart take a 180 degree turn to the past. If I close my eyes right then, before the memory passes, I can still see him standing there, waiting for me to walk into his arms.

I congratulate the lucky few who kept their first loves alive. That's why John Thomas Knight was born. That's why I wrote DEEP IN THE HEART (Harper, Feb. '96).

As a child, Samantha Carlyle called him Johnny. He called her Sam. Their bond intensified one night beneath a mimosa tree in their neighborhood park during a secret ritual. Vows, somberly given, sealed with their mingled blood, echoed through the years, proving their depth long after both had turned to new paths.

As they grew, their friendship inevitably turned to love, a love Samantha Carlyle's parents feared to be at a point past their control. They had been right to worry, but the move they made to separate their daughter from Johnny came months too late.

One night, with passion running wild, Samantha Carlyle gave herself to Johnny Knight, beneath that same mimosa tree. Heart and proverbial soul, she was his.

When she disappeared from Cotton, Texas, without a trace, Johnny Knight had to accept the fact that his best friend and first love was gone from his life forever.

Years passed. Johnny Knight became John Thomas Knight, Sheriff of Cherokee County, Texas. Only occasionally did he let himself remember her and the love that they'd shared. And then one day a startling letter came and sent him halfway across the country with his heart in his throat. A letter that had him praying he wouldn't be too late to keep the promise he'd made to her all those years ago.

"He won't leave me alone," she'd written. "And I have nowhere left to run. Johnny...please come get me! Don't let me die!"

DEEP IN THE HEART is a story straight from my heart. It's about white knights and heroes that don't let you down. It's about keeping promises and the idea that love never dies. After you've read it, I think you'll agree that while some things are better left in the past, some mem-ories are too dear to be forgotten.

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