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Lara Adrian

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Six years ago this summer, I began working on what would become the first book of the Midnight Breed series. I can still recall the feeling of exhilaration I had as I sketched out the cast of characters and the urban/contemporary story world--brave new territory for me, since I was coming off a seven-book career writing medieval romances. But as much as I enjoyed the pageantry of historical romances, my heart has always beat faster in the dark. I blame Anne Rice and Stephen King (and honestly, I can’t thank them enough) for corrupting me at an early age.

As for my own books, if you’d told me then that the Midnight Breed series would eventually span ten books and counting, I wonder if I’d have had the guts to even start. I’d written connected books before, but the most I’d ever done was three (and a four-book series that got the axe from my previous publisher before I’d had the chance to finish the last volume). Carrying a long-running series is no easy feat. It’s a challenge to keep storylines escalating and evolving, and to avoid the repetition in characters, conflicts, and dramatic situations that can make a series stagnate after a while. But that challenge is also part of the excitement for me as a writer.

In my new book, Deeper Than Midnight, one of my biggest challenges came from the hero himself. I’ve been dying to write this story since the moment that Hunter, a Gen One Breed assassin, first walked onto the scene in Veil of Midnight (Book 5). Born and bred to kill on the command of Dragos, the Order’s chief adversary, Hunter grew up in solitude and neglect, without simple comforts, caring or compassion. He is emotionless, raised to be a weapon--and he’s the best there ever was. As soon as I saw him, I wondered how someone like this ticked. More intriguing, I wondered how someone like this might be brought into any kind of normal existence. After decades of death and killing, how would he ever learn to live? Could he learn to be “human” when his survival had relied on his ability to detach from his own humanity? Could he ever learn to accept intimacy and love?

These questions become even more significant as Hunter is introduced to Corinne Bishop, a woman who survived her own prolonged torture at the hands of the Order’s enemy. Recently freed from imprisonment in Dragos’s labs, all Corinne wants is to be reunited with her parents in Detroit. Where Hunter is detached and unfeeling, Corinne is naked in her suffering. But she hides a secret that will force Hunter to confront the horrors of his dark past and will also test his loyalty to the Order. More than that, it will force him to confront the workings of his own heart.

As I write this, I’m finishing the tenth book of the series, Darker After Midnight, and looking forward to beginning the next adventure in the world of the Midnight Breed. Six years, nine published books and more than a million words later, I’m still having a blast and can’t wait to share all of the new stories with my readers! 

All my best,

- Lara Adrian

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