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Dont you just love a trilogy? Especially when it features three sexy, rough, in-need-of-taming Texas men! For those who have been following Millie Criswells Lawmen series, do you have a treat coming your way. for those who are just starting the seriesdont worry. Each book is complete on its own. I absolutely hate it when I read a book in a series that leaves a lot of dangling plotlines, Millie says. I made certain not to do that in my own series. If youre interested in reading the entire series at once, all the books are still in print. If your local bookstore doesnt have them in stock, they can easily order them for you. You can also purchase them online at In the meantime, here are brief updates about books I and II, Desperate and Dangerous.

Desperate--In Book I, we watched the middle Bodine brother, Rafe, learn how to leave behind rage and vengeance and become papa to a passel of orphans with the help of his new wife Emmaline

Stranded on the open Texas plains, wealthy Emmaline St. Joseph prays for a savior to rescue her small band of orphans. Her pleas are answered when ex-Texas Ranger Rafe Bodine appears.

Rafe is on the trail of his first wifes vicious killers and is determined not to allow anything to get in the waythat is until he meets Emmaline and the children. As soon as Rafe realizes that Emmaline knows little about taking care of children and nothing about survival, his hardened heart begins to soften.

Rafe promises to bring Emma and the children to safety. When he discovers that hes wanted for the murder of one of the gang who killed his wife, he and Emma decide to masquerade as a married couple with a large family. Soon the charade begins to become a reality.

Dangerous--While Rafe has come to a personal resolution over the gang that killed his first wife, the law still demands justice for Rafes cold-blooded killing of a gang member. Rather than allow Rafe to be brought in by a stranger, eldest brother and Texas Ranger Ethan sets out to arrest his own brother.

He is determined to find Rafe and nothing will stop him, certainly not Wilhemina Granville. Wilhemina is desperate for the bounty bringing in Rafe Bodine would raise. She has to help her aunts save their home, so she heads out to capture the notorious criminal, despite her complete lack of experience.

When she rushes to Ethans rescue and later when he comes to hers, she just cant ignore the confirmed bachelor. Though they lock horns, they both know they will need one another to find Rafe. Traveling from Texas to Utah posing as man and wife , they follow a lead to California, and then all the way to Boston. Ethan and Wilhemina find themselves strange bedfellowsbut bedfellows nonetheless. Especially in a Mormon communitywhich creates some problems.

Attraction and passion grow along with the dangers as they follow Rafes trail. When jealousy rears its head, Ethan has to face the idea that his care-free lawmans life might just be worth losing for love.

And now, heres a peak at youngest brother Travis story, the book you are all waiting forDEFIANT

The church was packed by the time Travis arrived. His familys pew was filled to overflowing with his father, Ben, and his wife, Lavinia, his sisters-in-law, assorted nieces and nephews and that traitor brother of his, Ethan, who didnt bother to hide his self-satisfied smirk as his gaze roamed over the two spinsters now motioning to Travis.

Psst! Travis, come sit with us. We saved you a seat. Olive and Margaret scooted over to made room for him in their pew, looking pleased as preening felines that theyd managed to snare him for the next hour or so.

Reverend Potter was long-winded and known for his boring, officious sermons. This being Easter Sunday, the service would probably extend beyond the sixty-minute norm.

Shooting his brother a dagger-filled look that promised retribution before the day was through, Travis nodded his acceptance to the two women and took the seat they proffered, fighting the urge to groan.

The organist began to play Amazing Grace, one of his favorite hymns, saving him from engaging the two spinsters in conversation. Just as he was about to give thanks to the Almighty for sparing him that much, the doors at the back of the church opened, admitting a shaft of brilliant sunlight down the aisle.

A collective gasp went up. Choking sounds from Olive and Margaret had him turning his head to see what, or who, had caused such a reaction to the normally staid congregation. His mouth unhinged, even as his eyes widened in disbelief.

If hed been a drinking man, he would have thought himself hung over and his eyes playing tricks on him.

If hed been a superstitious man, he would have thought that a voodoo curse had been laid at his doorstep.

If hed been a cowardly man, he would have jumped over the backs of the pews, broken through one of the stained-glass windows, and hightailed it out of town.

For God in all his wisdom couldnt have been so unjust as to bring Hannah Louise Barkley back into his life.

But he had.

Walking down the aisle, Hannah Louise clutched her fathers arm like a lifeline, ignored the hushed whispers and some not so quiet comments about her arrival, and stared straight ahead Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Travis Bodine seated next to Olive Fasbinder and Margaret Willoughby, her childhood nemesis.

Her heart accelerated, and her palms started sweating inside the pristine white-cotton gloves she wore. It was as if the last five years had never happened. Travis looked just as handsome as shed rememberedstartling blue eyes, thick dark hairdamn him! And damn herself for noticing how the sunlight glinted off of it, how the dimple in his chin made him look boyish and for being affected by the mere sight of him.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Sliding into the pew her father indicated, she tried not to feel Travis' heated stare boring into her back like a drill bit, refused to recognize the tight knot that now centered in the pit of her stomach, and prayed with all her heart that she would survive this day and the many others to follow.

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