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Janelle Taylor

Genre: Civil War, America, Historical Romance

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Defiant Hearts

Defiant Hearts was an enlightening and fulfilling novel to write because the Civil War covers the sorrow and glory of our history's noblest lost cause. Since so many romance heroines are orphans and loners, it was fun creating Laura's father, her two best friends and one of my wickedest villains to date.

As the opposing armies of the North and South divide a nation and its people, Laura Adams and Jayce Storm are enemies and lovers who can neither trust nor resist each other. Laura, a Southern Belle and the proprietress of a Richmond gentleman's club, leads a double life as a Union spy. She is patriotic and daring during her missions.

But her greatest threat doesn't come from the war; it arrives in the form of a Confederate officer who could cost her her life and claim her innocence. Laura must choose between her heart and her conscience, between ensuring her family's survival or that of her lover. Here's a small morsel to whet your appetite:

Jayce knew he should go, fast, but he was reluctant to leave her, as he didn't know when he could return, if he survived to do so. "I enjoyed our visit, too, Laura. I've been thinking about you a great deal since I left." They were standing close, their gazes locked, the door behind her still closed to keep out insects. Shadows, vines and a lack of street traffic guarded their privacy, despite a waning full moon. It was a romantic and tempting setting, perhaps their last night together if cruel fate stepped between them. Some irresistible force coaxed them into each other's arms, and their mouths meshed, guiding them toward an unknown and possibly hazardous destination. The kiss was long, delicious and profound. It gave pleasure and fanned passion's instant flames to greater heights...

Laura quivered with rising desire as his hot respiration filled her ear and his mouth titillated it. She knew it would be rapture to make love to him. She craved him feverishly, knowing this could be the last time she was given a chance to surrender to him and to answer love's summons. Yet, his possible loss either to death, or to her treachery, or by his choice were the reasons why she should not go beyond a certain barrier. Weren't they?

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