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Ingrid Weaver

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

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I wish I could say that the opening pages of Delaney's Shadow were written while I was in a romantic setting, with scented candles strewn around my office and maybe some flowers on my desk for good measure. But the truth is, I wrote the prologue when I was in the customer waiting room at my Mazda dealer’s. My car had been scheduled for its annual maintenance, and normally I would read a magazine or people-watch or just take a walk while I waited, but I had brought my laptop instead because I had known  the story wouldn’t leave me alone. I had to write it. Thus, little seven-year-old Max came to life to the smell of grease and the sound of whatever mysterious tools the auto technicians were using on the other side of the glass wall.

But the inspiration for the story was indeed romantic. It’s a moody, haunting song called Dark Angel by the Canadian group Blue Rodeo, which got me thinking about two people who have a mental bond that arose through their emotions. I’m a big believer in paying attention to our gut instincts, even though we can’t often explain them. Maybe it’s a combination of reading body language, or detecting pheromones, or using some dormant sense that was lost when the human race became civilized. I knew when I first set eyes on the man who would become my husband that we were “right.” That was only forty years ago, though, so a skeptic might not consider that long enough for scientific proof.

Nevertheless, from a creative viewpoint, I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of telepathy. It slices past appearances and also negates the defenses a character puts up against the world, so the possibilities fire my imagination. I first explored the idea years ago in The Wolf and the Woman's Touch. In that story, the hero was a psychic who could sense and then follow the bonds of emotion between other people. It turned out to be the most intense experience I’ve gone through writing-wise, until I got going on this story. The mental bond between Max and Delaney in Delaney's Shadow arose from shared trauma. They aren’t able to sense anyone else’s thoughts, only each other’s, which makes their bond very personal and also unique. Well, unique until the sequel, Dream Shadows, but that’s another story.

Warm wishes,

- Ingrid Weaver

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