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Susan Mallery

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Seattle, Washington

The Emerald City, made so verdant by plenty of rain, is surrounded by Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the east, with over 40 percent of its area beaches, lakes, canals and rivers. Stoic locals cope with the frequent rain by slugging lots of strong coffee (the first Starbucks was erected here in 1971), checking out the music scene (there are more than 80 live music clubs and 15 symphony orchestras in the city that spawned Jimi Hendrix and the '90s grunge movement) or hiking and biking in the many surrounding parks and preserves.

"I like the combination of urban and nature," says Susan Mallery,
who set Delicious (Feb., HQN) in Seattle, inspired in part by a Pacific Northwest food/wine weekend she attended several years ago. "There's so much to do, both in the city and in the surrounding natural beauty."

Delicious kicks off Mallery's four-book, single-title Buchanan family series. The Buchanans are four siblings -- three brothers and one sister -- all of whom are involved in the restaurant business in Seattle. In Delicious, Cal Buchanan has to hire his ex-wife as executive chef for an ailing restaurant. Bent on revenge, Penny accepts the job. But revenge isn't that easy when you're still in love!

"Seattle has wonderful restaurants -- everything from great
burger places to elegant fine dining that leaves you whimpering with delight," says Mallery, who lived for a time in Seattle. She
recommends the Union Square Grill, sister restaurant to the Metropolitan Grill, "which gets all the press. But I find the Union Square more intimate and romantic." Another favorite eatery is Kidd Valley,
a burger place with "remarkable" milkshakes.

Mallery lists the Space Needle, "a tourist favorite" erected in 1962
for the World's Fair, as a must-see destination. She also enjoys the
downtown Nordstrom's. "It's an old, elegant store that takes you back to another time. There are some interesting walking tours, including one that explores underground Seattle -- seriously, under the ground," she continues, also mentioning Pioneer Square, Mount Rainier and "last but not least, the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery is just north of the city and well worth the visit."

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