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Isabel Roman

Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal

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As you can see from the photo, Isabel Roman is really two people. We started writing together about five years ago when we realized how well our styles meshed. A pair of history buffs, we knew that the Victorians enjoyed travel almost as much as they did the latest technology. During the later half of the 1800s, they explored and mapped a great deal of the world. Egypt is the setting we choose to culminate the quest arc that runs through our Druids series. An exotic locale then and now, to the adventurers of the Victorian Era, Egypt embodies the mysteries of the past.
While the quest our characters take is filled with treacherous characters, exotic journeys, and puzzles to solve, the central focus of the book is the tumultuous attraction between Gareth, Lord Moore, and Miss Arabelle Bahari. Great to write, the fiery passion between Gareth and Arabelle also drained us. It’s difficult to culminate the anger, emotional ups and downs, and passion, plus the fast moving plot, secondary characters, and action scenes.
It’s great having characters that are so flawed, they’re intensive and interesting, and really get under your skin. Each other’s skin, too, which is the fun part. Isn’t it great reading that the hero can’t get enough of his woman? He thinks about her, wants her, but in dealing with her he’s just helpless. Not in the clueless man way but in the how do I deal with the one woman I want way? And she’s no better. He’s sexy, frustrating, and she wants him. Boy does she want him.
We have to admit, of all four Dark Desires of the Druids books, Desert and Destiny is a favorite for both of us. Both Gareth and Arabelle are people we’d like to know--they’re smart, motivated, focused, and oh so determined, but they’re very, very human. No perfection here!
The last day we wrote this, before our intensive editing of it, went something like this:
Sunday morning: Chatter, chatter, chatter. Type, type, type. Talk about scene.
Sunday afternoon: Type, type, type. Talk about scene. Type, type, type.
Sunday evening: Type, type, type. Scream about scene. Type, type, type. 
Sunday night: LINE! Type, type, type. Come on, we’re almost finished! This is the end! What do you mean she said that? No, no, she wouldn’t. It has to be something else.
Monday morning: Snow day! Bonus day! Okay did any of that make sense? Re-read last three chapters and then begin editing.
We also have a Choose Your Own Adventure free short story on our site.

- Isabel Roman

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