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Scorching sensuality and searing romance make such riveting
stories that I've included plenty of both in DESIRE. But I've
also added an element of romantic suspense.

A notorious rake
takes an unwilling beauty in marriage and is caught in the
dangerous enchantment of an ancient Gypsy spell - where the price
of winning his bride's elusive heart may be his own life.

Here's an excerpt:

Her gown fell to the floor in a whisper
of silk, leaving her completely nude. Lucian drew a sharp breath
at the alluring sight.

Was she bent on seduction. Or

Whatever her scheme, Lucian had to admit it was
highly effective. Already he was hard enough to burst. Yet his
every instinct remained alert to danger.

He forced a smile.
"Is this a seduction, my love?"

Her answering smile was
provocative. "Merely a welcome."

A lie, he knew. She was too
transparent, Lucian thought grimly, fighting the lure of her nude
body and the heat rising in him. Her nervousness gave her away.
She was an amateur at intrigue - unlike him. He had matched wits
against the best spies France had to offer. Against Britain's
worst traitors as well.

His mouth thinned. Would Brynn betray
him? Was his beautiful bride in league with his enemies?

thought caused such an ache in his heart that he suddenly found
it hard to breathe.

This is the third book of my Notorious
Series, all tales of dangerous rakes and bold adventurers during
the Regency era. The Seduction and The Passion
appeared on numerous bestseller lists. ECSTASY, the sequel, is
due out in late summer 2002.

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