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Tina Leonard

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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DESPERADO (July, Scarlet) allowed me to return to a place in Texas that I love. The town of Desperado does exist near Austin, though Ive given it a different name. My first book there was It Takes Two, Rattlesnake Annies story, but DESPERADO is Crazy Codys struggle to stay untamed!

Cody had never seen anyone quite like her. Sure, he was mighty used to blue jeans and boots on a woman, but he could go for a pair of decent pants or a church dress. What that tiny woman had been wearing, as she tottered on ridiculously high, purple sandaled feet, was so incongruous on his farm hed had to work hard not to stare.

It didnt bear remembering that her waist had been so small he could have wrapped one palm around her and carried her off. Shed had delicate face bones, and beautiful full lips.

Sloans voice was dry as it sounded like he was trying not to laugh. I hope you didnt scare her, Cody.

Scare her? She scared me.

A little bitty ol lady like that scared you? Sloan didnt bother to hide his laughter now. What is it your brother-in-law calls you? A cigar store Indian?

Very damn funny. Cody didnt appreciate Sloans insinuation that Stormy might have had reason to be startled by his own appearance. Dont send any more strange females out my way, Sloan. Especially strange ones with stupid ideas.

Well, now, wait a minute, Cody. Whats so stupid about her proposition?

Its stupid because its my land theyre thinking theyre going to use, and if I find out you sicced them on me

No, it was Pick and Curvy. But then I started thinking maybe you just might be interested.

For a second, Cody was so stunned he couldnt reply. Have you lost your damn mind, Sloan?

Shes kinda cute, if you like nutty.

When have I ever been attracted to nutty? Cody demanded.

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