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Something Ive dreamed about finally happened to me several weeks ago. I received my first million-dollar offer. The offer wasnt from a book publisher, but from a daytime soap.

The job of co-head writer was on the table. Id been partnered with a seasoned soap pro, and we worked day and night for weeks on stories that would set the daytime TV world on its ear. I was incredibly excited as I headed for New York City to attend editorial meetings and seal the deal. I had every intention of accepting the job.

During two days of meetings, no less than six executives took turns gutting, editing, rewriting and changing the stories my partner and I had created. By the time they finished, we were left with only vague echoes of our original vision. We were told that wed done great. Now go home and do it again!

It then hit me that writing for this particular company would be tantamount to taking dictation for a living; Id be writing other peoples ideas and ignoring my own. The sheer time involved in the endless rewriting was going to make it impossible for me to continue writing novels at all.

So I made a list of pros and cons. The cons included the following: My creativity would be stifled. I would grow to hate the work. The constant gutting would destroy my confidence as a writer. Id be away from my home and kids two days each week. Id have to stop writing books. There was only one pro: the money. And it was a lot of money.

I turned the offer down and came back to my cozy country office where I get to breathe life into my own unique visions and where the editors respect my voice and talent. I hope someday Ill land a million-dollar book deal, but it doesnt matter. I write because I have something to say, something I believe is worth sharing, something no one else can say in quite the same way. I hope when you read DESTINY, youll think so too.


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