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Genre: America, Historical Romance

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Destiny Mine

I'm excited about the January release of the DESTINY MINE paperback since many of my readers continually request more Native American novels-novels I love to write-featuring my favorite heroines and heroes.

Kathe Robin of RT gave it a 4 (Excellent) rating and said, "Based upon actual tribal customs, Destiny Mine brings readers into a new and fascinating world where women were given the opportunity to achieve the same goals as men. Kionee's struggle is much the same as the one faced by women today, making her an accessible and sympathetic heroine in a dramatic and special novel." Affaire de Coeur gave it a five-star rating and said "Destiny Mine is a tremendous ethnic historical romance...the tribal lifestyles, laws and customs, and the intertribal conflicts come alive...Classic is stamped throughout this great book."

G.H. Hall said, "Set against the sweeping panorama of the Wyoming wilderness, Destiny Mine is the haunting sensual tale of a woman caught between sacred honor and irresistible desire. Kionee is a maiden who is trained from her fifth summer to wear the mask of a warrior...take on the role of the son her mother never had and protect her family, hunt for food, and shield them in battle.She can never marry. By age twenty, she is an accomplished warrior, yet she yearns for the love that is denied her. A mysterious and extraordinary vision is about to transform Kionee's life and bring her face to face with destiny. Tender, moving and richly romantic, it is bestselling author Janelle Taylor's most memorable historical novel to date."

(Cheyenne) Stalking Wolf discovers his "companion" is a beautiful woman. By day they ride together as warriors to save her people from the Crow; by night, they secretly succumb to a passion neither can deny. Time and Hanueva laws are against them, and soon Kionee must choose between duty and desire, between the cold comfort of honor and exile or death.

For those who missed the two drawings (with the hardcover, at the '95 RT conference) for one of Kionee's ceremonial masks, created by renowned artist R.W. Anderson, Zebra Books is holding another national contest starting in January. Look for rules and entry blanks at your local bookstore, in the back of the novel, or in magazine ads. For a description of the mask and more information about the story, see pg. 25, and the Feb. '95 issue of Romantic Times. Good luck and have fun reading!

Look for my western short story in the 10-author collection LOVE'S LEGACY (Leisure, Jan. '96), with proceeds going to the literacy fund, and DEFIANT HEARTS, a Civil War historical in hardcover by Kensington, in May '96. You can write to Janelle at: P.O. Box 211646, Martinez, GA 30917-1646.

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