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Lindsay McKenna

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Salute the Red, White and Blue!

Lindsay McKenna Leads the Way with Hot New Military Romances.

The old saying: "Write what you know," has served me well over the last 22 years. Who knew in 1983, when I penned Captive of Fate (Silhouette Special Edition), that it would create an entirely new subgenre? The Military Romance.

When 9-11 occurred, it was the heroes and heroines of the fire department, police and first responders who put their lives on the line. And when the United States went after the killers, it was our military men and women who now put their lives on the line, daily, for all of us. To keep us safe. Free. Our world is in bad need of heroes and heroines, and I can think of no finer area to write in than the military. Having been in the U.S. Navy as a meteorologist during the Vietnam War era, I saw what war did to people. I saw the outcomeboth good and bad. All of my experiences in that three-year period while I served my country (I volunteered), are reflected in the books I've written over the years.

With the advent of SSE's Love and Glory Series (1988), I was able to create an ongoing, broader military series titled Morgan's Mercenaries. Now this series is 12 years old, and readers have followed Morgan and the love of his life, Laura, and the children they've had throughout the years. These novels depict the characters' personal and family lives as well as their romantic adventures. I didn't envision this back in 1988, but it has evolved over the yearsthanks to readers' feedback on what they loved about this ongoing military/mercenary series.

Now, I've brought the military romance to another levelone that I think is striking a powerful chord with readersby including the female Apache helicopter pilots of the Black Jaguar Squadron. These patriotic, red-blooded women serve on the front lines of one of our worst undeclared wars: drug shipments.

The BJS is introduced in my January SSE, A Woman of Innocence, when Morgan sends his psychologist Jenny Wright down to the Black Jaguar Squadron in Machu Picchu, Peru looking for volunteers for a Black Ops mission. The first full-fledged single-title release, DESTINY'S WOMAN, arrives this month.

Military men and women are the greatest heroes in my eyesand in my heart. I love to write about them because most of the time, they are the unsung people who give us the freedom to live as we do in the United States. They have volunteered to lay their lives on the line for all of us. How could
I not write about these incredible qualities of selflessness, bravery and patriotism?

In the aftermath of 9-11, I can not think of a better way to salute our people in the armed forces. Writing about them, their courage, their humor, their gutseven when they're scared to deaththeir ability to put higher goals, such as our country, beyond their own life, is so heroic in my eyes. And I know you agree with me. Let's keep supporting our military in all ways. Think about writing them an e-mail. Or writing them a letter. Or sending a video. All of these were done during the holiday season, and it was an incredible success. Armed forces over in Afghanistan really got the message from all of us sitting warm, cozy and comfortable in the USA: We love you. We honor what you do. We support you. We thank you for giving up so much for all of us.

And for readers who have been waiting for Jason Trayhern's bookit's coming! I'll begin working on it in mid-2002 to make a 2003 release date! Now, you'll get to see the first son in actionin Afghanistan. Morgan's Mercenaries often reflects the current political climate and goes into action wherever our military goes. So, put your crash helmet on. Get your bullet-proof vest in place. Strap in and hang on! Because Jason's book is going to take you places you haven't been before! I can hardly wait to sit down and write it!

Up Next: Those who want more military romance, hang on to your hats! I've evolved (yet) another series, Morgan's Mercenaries: Ultimate Rescue. This four-book cross line with Silhouette begins in August of this year, with a release of one new book in this series every month thereafter. To track all Morgan's Mercenaries series, visit my website:

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