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Your fate has arrived

Ten years ago, the Marquess of Rothgar strolled into an orgy and spoke those prophetic words. He was actually speaking to a whore who was playing a kind of strip hazard (of course,
he rolled sixes), but he could have been speaking to me. My life has not been quite the same since.

The book I was writing at the time was My Lady Notorious, the first of my Georgian Malloren romances. It did extremely well, going through three printings, winning a RITA,
and being listed as one of the best romances ever. I received a huge amount of reader mail,
all with approximately the same message: I loved this book, and Cyn was a wonderful hero, but Im waiting for Rothgar

After a while I even had buttons made saying, Waiting for Rothgar. (And no, I dont have any left, but I do have a few of the recent batch which says, Rothgar 2000. Im ready and waiting. A SASE to the address below will get you one as long as supplies last.)

After each of the next three Malloren books the letters poured in with the same message. Readers love the Mallorens, but theyre all waiting for Rothgar. Well, the wait is over at
lastDevilish, April 2000.

What makes Rothgar so fascinating? Its a combination of many complex things, but he fascinates me as much as he fascinates readers. As soon as he walked into that orgy, I knew I had trouble! He dominated the scene.

If youre not familiar with the Marquess of Rothgar, Ive put up some key scenes on the web at to give a clearer idea of why so many readers are enthralled. One thing about him is that he has steely willpower. Another is that he has determined never to marry.


When he was three, his mother went mad and murdered his baby sister. He was witness to it, but of course too young to intervene. That has made him highly protective of his future siblings, and also left him certain that he should not continue his mothers blood in the Malloren line. His willpower helduntil he met Diana, Countess of Arradale.A truly remarkable woman.

He'd respected her for a year now, but she had led a pampered life and retained a streak of
childish willfulness that was undesirable. He'd wondered how she'd behave when truly tested.

Today he'd found out.


She'd faced danger coolly at his side. She'd killed for him. She hadn't foolishly made a fuss over it.

Last year she'd stirred his interest with her bold challenge to him, and even more with her victory, but he was not a man to be pulled into folly by an intriguing young woman. In
the past few days, however, she'd shown she was his match in every area.

Who is Diana? She is a peeress in her own right, raised since the age of 12 to administer her vast properties in the north of England, and the investments and businesses included, which she does well. Shes taken on the hard task of being a woman of power in a mans world, but
she is a woman, and she cant resist Rothgars devastating appeal. She too, however, has vowed never to marry. A husband will eclipse her, and deprive her of most of her power and independence.

With a Malloren, Rothgar likes to say, all things are possible. But is it possible for Rothgar to turn away from the woman he loves? Is it possible for him to let go of his vow, and surrender to the risks of fate? Is it possible for Diana to abandon caution and put herself in the power of a man?

A devilish situation that culminates at a grand masquerade, where Rothgar plays Night, Diana is the goddess of the moon, and death stalks, seeking a target

For more about Rothgar, check out The beginning of the book is up there, and more excerpts will follow. Also visit ,my webpage: I have invitations to Rothgars wedding, designed in eighteenth-century style.
To receive one, please send two regular stamps to me c/o Meg Ruley, The Jane Rotrosen Agency, 318 East 51st Street, New York, NY 10022. E-mail me at

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