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Melanie George

Genre: Historical Romance

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Its hard to believe its only been 18 months since the publication of my first novel, Like No Other. Since then life has been a whirlwind, during which I sold 12 more romances, both historical and contemporary, to Kensington and Pocket Books. As a result, days pass by rapidlyoften without me realizing itin a flurry of page proofs, upcoming deadlines, proposals, revisions and, oh yeah, writing.

So when I sat down to finish THE DEVILS DUE, the third novel in my Sinclair Brothers trilogy, its little wonder the idea of sailing away with my pirate hero to a deserted islandno, even better, a LOST island!was more than a little appealing.

Hence, the creation of the famed Isle of the Mist and a one-of-a-kind gem long believed lost forever, known as the Sacred Heart, a rare red
diamond dating back to the days of Columbus that had once belonged to
a mighty queen of Spain.

Like the famous explorer, I, too, was an adventurous sort, preferring
to spend my vacations being awestruck by the Coliseum in Rome, walking over the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, marveling at a 500-year-old castle on
the outskirts of France, or standing on the White Cliffs of Dover in England and thinking about the men and women who had once dwelt in that time. I wanted to walk in their shadow, remember how they lived, and
wonder if they ever thought the world would come as far as it has.

Ive also long held a special fondness for legends. And legends combined with history are even more fascinating. So it should
come as no surprise that my love of all things historical
especially those tinged with a hint of mysteryshould lead me to dwell on one of the most interesting legends of all: Atlantis.

The unique paradox Atlantis presented made me think about lost islands and what odd and wonderful things the ocean may harbor. Then I paired up my
most hot-blooded, headstrong couple to date, Bonnie and Gray. Together they will embark on a quest and overcome obstacles both real and imagined, to
discover the deepest kind of fulfillment a man and woman can achieve: Love.

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