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I had just finished revising an erotic novella, "The Devil’s Pearl", and was deep into the writing of my House Of Trent series, which starts off with The Duchess Hunt releasing on June 25, 2013, when my editor called with a very fun idea.

The House Of Trent revolves around the lives of six siblings, five brothers and one sister. The sister — the youngest sibling — is Lady Esme. She is exceedingly shy and awkward and can’t seem to manage social situations at all. She carries a notebook with her at all times and can usually be found scribbling in it.

What does she scribble? Nobody knows. I didn’t even know!

But my editor did.

Turns out, Lady Esme is secretly writing erotic stories of love in those notebooks! The first of those stories is "The Devil’s Pearl", the tale of a desperate man who lost the love of his life and will do anything — anything — to get her back.

Problem is, Lady Esme is a duke’s sister and she lives in a very strict society that wouldn’t understand a lady of her stature writing such spicy stories. Esme must be a model of propriety at all times. Her eldest brother, The Duke of Trent, is cautious, conservative, and sensitive to scandal. He’d probably drop dead with mortification if he knew what Esme was really writing.

Esme has no intention of hurting her family or their reputation. But she desperately wants to share her sexy stories with readers.

That’s where you and I come in, Dear Reader. Because of Lady Esme’s need to remain anonymous and her desire to protect her family, her stories are being published under the Jennifer Haymore pseudonym. 

Lady Esme has “written” three novellas. All three stories are chock-full of intense romance and hot passion, and will link up with the House Of Trent novels. The first of these is the erotic and emotional "The Devil’s Pearl", which releases on May 7, 2013.

Remember…this is very hush-hush. We don’t want anyone to find out that the innocent duke’s sister could write such provocative stories. Please don’t give away Lady Esme’s scandalous secret! But I really hope you enjoy these three spicy standalone novellas. I know I enjoyed working with Lady Esme on them (wink)!

- Jennifer Haymore

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