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Lilith Saintcrow Talks Life Beyond Dante

What is it about the Dante that makes readers want to spend time with her? I think it's because she's not a perfect person. Danny is conflicted, angry, trigger-happy and stubborn. Of course, that's balanced out by her immense loyalty to her friends and her principles. I think readers respond to her because she isn't perfect, but she's trying so hard to be a decent person in a not-so-decent world. Plus, she has a great sense of black, macabre humor -- that always helps.

But seriously, a lot of people have written to me to say they like Danny, warts and all, because she never gives up and she never stops trying to be the best person possible, even in an impossible situation.

What's it like having your book be one of the launch titles for a new imprint? Terrifying and thrilling. I have a lot of performance anxiety. Fortunately my editor is keeping me so busy I rarely have time to get scared. And I am just overjoyed that people seem to like the Valentine books so much.

Do you have more Dante books on the horizon? The original conception of the series was five books, with each having a specific part of the story arc. The Devil's Right Hand will be out in September, and Saint City Sinners and Hell and Back after that. Then the Valentine series is finished. The characters are, for better or worse, dead to me now. I may go back and write a few books with Gabe's daughter -- those are the Hell War books -- but right now I'm working on other projects, including the Jill Kismet series, which is coming out next year.

You originally started out with a small press. What's it like being published by Warner Aspect, and now Orbit? With a small press it's much more personal, your editor is more like a friend and confidante. With a larger press, your editor is more of an advocate --especially when it comes to cover art! But both are great experiences.

I started out just being happy that anyone would publish me, so this is icing on the cake in a big way. I am so grateful for the chance to tell my stories to a wider audience, and the response has been tremendous. It's been an amazing ride.

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