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Kelley Armstrong

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Witchy Magic Charms In The Third Novel Of Kelly Armstrong's Popular Trilogy!

In Bitten, Canadian author Kelley Armstrong gave female werewolves a voice in genre fiction with her strong-willed, one-of-a-kind heroine, Elena Michaels. After its successful release in 2001 from Viking, Armstrong penned the sequel, Stolen, a high-energy tale that sends Elena away from her pack and transports her underground, where she must battle for her life against an evil billionaire obsessed with harnessing supernatural powers. When she learns that brute force and intellect will not save her, Elena must rely on the help of some rather "witchy" women, who become the heroines of her latest tale.

Although Dime Store Magic still exists in Armstrong's otherworld, there are some notable differences, witches and werewolves notwithstanding.

First, she switched publishers from Viking to Bantam, emphatic that Dime Store Magic, unlike its predecessors, be released in mass-market paperback. (The author recently learned Viking plans on releasing Bitten and Stolen in mass-market this fall—in September and October respectively.)

As for 23-year-old coven leader Paige Winterbourne and her powerful young ward, Savannah? Armstrong promises readers even more in terms of truly kick-butt heroines. "When I started Stolen," Armstrong says, "I already knew Paige was supposed to evolve into the main character for Dime Store Magic.

By introducing other supernatural races, in Stolen that was a way to continue in this world without fear of it getting stale by book four or five."

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