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Marina Anderson

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, E-book, Erotic Romance

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Author's Message

Dear Reader,

I decided to set The Dining Club in an exclusive, up-market Club because I love leafing through those wonderful magazines that show you stunning rooms with beautiful furniture and drapes. I thought what fun it would be to be able to become an interior designer for the length of the book. It also enabled me to choose lots of beautiful items of clothing for the women, including the kind of dresses that you normally see on film stars at the Oscars.           

In real life I don’t do anything like that, as visitors to my home will testify. The rooms are designed to work for me, my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and regular visits from my son when he comes home from London. He is possibly one of the most untidy ‘mature males’ it’s possible to find, and unlike my hero, David, takes very little interest in his surroundings as long as he’s comfortable.   

My heroine, Grace, works as a director at fringe theatres in London. She’s an independent and ambitious young woman, confident in her work, and greatly respected by her peers. As I started my working life at the BBC, and my son spent five years as an actor this is a world I do understand, as well as love.

Alas, just as my home isn’t like anything from an interior design magazine, neither am I at all like Grace. When I do those pop psychology quizzes that often appear in magazines, I usually discover that I’m a ‘people pleaser’, which Grace certainly isn’t until she meets David. I’m not sure it’s good to be a people pleaser, but I prefer to think of myself as tactful!

Grace’s love for my hero, David, changes her. Needless to say he is also an instinctively skilled lover, as all heroes need to be. However, he’s afraid of letting any woman get too close to him. I have to confess that I like my heroes to be hard to fully understand at first, as I’ve always enjoyed a challenge when it comes to affairs of the heart. The Dining Club challenges are far outside of Grace’s comfort zone – how far should she venture to keep the man she loves? For David the challenge is whether or not he truly wants Grace to succeed, as this would change his life forever.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to undertake the type of challenges Grace faces in order to marry the man I loved, but I did have to re-locate from Surrey to Lincolnshire, which was definitely out of my comfort zone at that time! However, many years on I find that after visiting London I’m exhausted and relieved to come home, where I can walk the dogs in quiet, leafy lanes, and feed the two tame ducks that visit my garden.

I really hope that people enjoy Grace and David’s story, and are eager to learn if they too find happiness in the end...or not. 

Happy Reading!

Marina Anderson

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