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Rachel Hauck

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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A book title with the word joy, how fun, right? But I think I shed a few tears. This book has such a fun premise -- a cooking show host who can't cook -- but one of those ideas that requires a lot of digging to answer all the "whys?" Why can't she cook? Why does she host a show when she can't? Can't she learn? What keeps her doing the show? Can't she just quit?

I had to do a lot of research and character development to answer those questions without ending the story in chapter two. It's one thing to watch cooking shows, it's another to get behind the scenes. 

This idea came to me a few years ago and was originally part of Sweet Caroline's plot. But as I wrote Caroline's story it just became too much and I had to cut the cooking show thread. When I was working on an idea for book three in the Lowcountry Romance series, my editor Ami McConnell suggested revisiting the cooking show host. We liked it because it turned the idea of a cooking show story upside down.

Also, food has a lot of meaning and symbolism. I agonized over the best way to show the power of food -- emotional, physical and spiritual food. And how it impacted Joy and Luke.

One fun angle was Joy's back story of playing softball for the University of Alabama. I'd planned to write her as a former athlete and just as I was starting to research softball, I met star Alabama star softball pitcher, Kelsi Dunne. That was really fun. Her character and light inspired some of Joy's attributes. 

I'm blessed. God always sends me just what I need, when I need it, even at the eleventh hour. A good friend I met on Twitter, Cheryl Smith, introduced me to a television producer and a chef. 

I hope readers realize we often choose to do "what's in front of us" and not consider, God is the very one who put the opportunity there.

- Rachel Hauck

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