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Kristin Hannah

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Kristin Hannah Sets Sail For Distant Shores

Get out the tissues! This month, bestselling author Kristin Hannah returns with another poignant women's fiction novel, DISTANT SHORES (Ballantine). Elizabeth and Jackson Stone have been married for years, but lately they seem miles apart emotionally. With their teenage daughters off to college, Elizabeth hopes she and her husband will be able to bridge the chasm that's been growing deeper between them by the day.

Jackson, a former football great and local sportscaster, breaks a huge story that turns into national news and sends fame and notoriety his way once more. At that moment, tragedy decidedly strikes. Elizabeth must face hard decisions about her life. Can she be content to simply live in Jack's shadow again? Can she rediscover the passion she once had, for her husband and for life itself? You won't want to miss the answers Elizabeth finds on her emotional, heart-wrenching journey.

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