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I’ve read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald twelve times.

I know that may seem excessive. Most can understand reading a book two or even three times, but twelve? I can say with absolute conviction that I have learned something new with each and every reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous work. I’ve loved falling into Gatsby’s parties and watching the sad, decadent, lonely lives of the residents of East and West Egg. The book published way back in 1925, but many of its themes ring just as true today as they did in the Jazz Age.

I’ve always been most intrigued by the central love story of The Great Gatsby: Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby builds this life of luxury and exuberance, all out of the hope that he will one day be good enough for the woman who spurned him. I often find myself mentally yelling at the book, “What is your problem, Daisy? He’s done everything for you! You’d really rather be with horrible Tom instead?”

I populated my Flappers series — Vixen, Ingenue, and now Diva — with men like Gatsby who would climb mountains and jump off cliffs for the women that they loved. But instead of being like Daisy, Gloria, Lorraine, and Clara are the sorts who would be right by their boyfriends’ sides, climbing and jumping for love.

When it came time to write the final book in the Flappers series, I knew I wanted to pay homage in some way to the book that helped to inspire so much of the series. So I set Gloria’s story in Great Neck, which provided F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inspiration for West Egg.

Forrest Hamilton is a nobody with millions, and no one seems to know how he made his money. So Gloria goes to stay at Forrest’s villa in order to find out. If Gloria can find proof of Forrest’s nefarious doings for the FBI, she’ll forever be off the hook for shooting a gangster. She and her fiancé, a black piano player named Jerome Johnson, will finally be free to get married and start their life together. But if Gloria is unable to crack Forrest’s case, she’ll be stuck in the big house for life.

Once Gloria gets to know Forrest, she realizes his situation is far more complicated than she originally suspected. Forrest is neck-deep in a love affair that reminds Gloria all too much of her true love with Jerome. Is she really going to get in the way of this Gatsby finally getting his Daisy?

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- Jillian Larkin

Author photo by Craig Hothem.

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