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Christie Craig

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Christie Craig


Christie Craig understands better than most that being an author takes perseverance.

"I believe in the theory of make it happen. Every day I would wake up and say, 'What am I going to do to make it happen?'" says Craig, who
took four years to sell her latest novel, this month's Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (Love Spell), after a 13-year break from publishing romances. (Craig wrote the '94 Silhouette Romance Two Hearts Too Late.)

It was a contest that finally got Craig noticed again. When the judge phoned to tell her she was the finalist, there was some confusion at first. "No, you're the finalist," the judge explained. In a contest-entering frenzy, Craig had submitted four completed manuscripts in one competition, and each had taken a place in the finals, eliminating all other contestants. "I even tied with myself for second place," she says.

About a year later another important phone call followed, this one from Craig's agent, Kim Lionetti, newly acquired after the contest coup. Lionetti told the Texan to sit down. "I told her, 'I've worked my butt off, I can take this standing up.' She told me I sold four books, three to Dorchester, one to Triskelion. I sat down," the author laughs.

Craig credits her father with inspiring her to work hard and stay focused.

"People will ask me about writer's block, and I say, 'My father was a plumber, and he got up every day and went to work. He never said, 'I have plumber's block, I can't go to work.'"

That attitude helped Craig to return to her dream of writing fiction after a long hiatus as a photojournalist. (The owner of four cats and one dog especially enjoyed covering pets.) One of her
long-term gigs was writing humorous essays for Cats magazine, which honed the author's comedic skills,
all the better to complete those funny romantic suspenses that would eventually become the backbone of her Divorced and Desperate series, the next of which, Divorced, Desperate and Dating, will be out in December 2008.

Craig's heroine in Divorced, Desperate and Delicious is a freelance photographer with a dog named Fabio, three cats and a sense of humor.

"I like to think that they're laugh-out-loud funny," Craig says of her books. "Humor just comes naturally to me. It
was in my family."

If funnybones are as inbred as the work ethic, Craig's series is sure to be
a laugh riot.

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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