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Youve been asking for it and now theyre here. Im excited to announce that four of my books are now available in trade paperback from Hard Shell Word Factory (, including my latest, Do Wah Diddy Die. Here are brief descriptions of each one.

Pig in a Park aka The Spy Who Kissed Me: Isabel Stan Stanleys mother has been hoping a man would fall in Stans lap. But when a handsome spy dives through the sunroof of her car in a hail of bullets, Stans sure this wasnt what momma had in mind. Bad guys beware: Stans packing a glue gun and she knows how to use it!

The Last Enemy (Book 1, Lonesome Lawmen Series): Two men need her. One needs her dead. Betrayed by those who were supposed to protect her, romance author Dani Gwynne is plotting her own survival, working against time, terror and her fear of heights in the mile-high city of Denver.

Byte Me (Book 2, Lonesome Lawmen Series): U.S. Deputy Marshal Jake Kirby always gets his fugitive. Now hes hot on the trail of a gang of cyber-thieves with an unusual agenda. That trail takes him to Colorado and a country western bar managed by sexy, mysterious Phoebe Mentel. Instant attraction quickly complicates this high-tech chess game between two people who dont know how to lose and are afraid of love.

DO WAH DIDDY... DIE: Luci Seymoursexy and free-spiritedreturns to steamy New Orleans in search of the father shes never met. She finds murder, mayhem, love and adventure when her timing puts her directly in the sights of an elderly hit couple and a con mans last scam!

For order information, free stuff and info on the third book in the Lonesome Lawmen series, MISSING YOU (March 02), visit my website at or

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