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Happy Valentine's Day! This will
always be a special time in my heart. Last year on February
14, I received an offer from Harlequin Historicals for my first novel, THE DOCTOR'S HOMECOMING. It was
a thrill to write and I hope you enjoy
it. A love of the Old West, a fascination with the men and women who tamed
it, and a firm belief that there's
nothing stronger than family went into its pages.

Set in the beautiful mountains of Montana Territory, 1882, THE DOCTOR'S HOMECOMING reunites first loves. Dr. Emma Sinclair is a newly graduated doctor returning to her hometown to confront the man she's loved and hated for 16 years, Wyatt Barlow. Now
a sexy widowed horse rancher, he's struggling to raise
his two children alone. Worse yet, his 15-year-old daughter
is in the family way, and it's Emma's teenage brother who's responsible.

Summoned to Wyatt's ranch to deliver the baby, Emma must face him. As she fights to
overcome the harsh realities of frontier medicine, she fights her feelings for Wyatt. On the outside, Wyatt wears
a mask of anger. On the inside, he's lonelier than he cares to admit. And as for Emmahow can she ever forget his parting words to her 16 years ago, when he said that he
didn't love her?

When the teenage couple flees
to the Rocky Mountains, vowing to
be together, Emma and Wyatt desperately give chase. And somewhere along the path, beneath the moon and stars, Emma and Wyatt rediscover their buried but still smoldering passion, and learn to believe in love again.

Let me know what you think of Emma, Wyatt, and THE DOCTOR'S HOMECOMING! I invite you to visit my website at, or write to me at P.O. Box 35, 145 Queen St. South, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5M 2B7.

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