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Suzanne Enoch

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Suzanne Enoch Loves the British Spirit

I am a sixth-generation American, counting among my ancestors buffalo hunters, ranchers, a president
of Texas, a Cherokee Indian and
a great-grandfather who reputedly rode with the Hole-in-the-Wall gang.
So why do I write about England?

I'm from there too, if you go back far enough. More than that, I'm mesmerized by the aura of timelessness there. This past August, I was able to spend two weeks in England for the first time. It was three weeks after the Tube bombings, and I was worried that, firstly, an American wouldn't be all that well received, and secondly, I would find London hunkered down, weapons bristling.

I was wrong on both counts. Everyone was friendly and good-humored -- although they clearly didn't understand my obsession with diet sodas over coffee or tea. There were some armed police about, but they spent as much time giving directions as patrolling.

As I toured England's West Country, I felt simply ... enchanted. As
a writer of Regency-period novels, I
especially enjoyed the Bath Museum
of Costume's Jane Austen: Book to Film exhibit, which featured costumes from the movies and wardrobes from the period; the town of Woodstock, full of Georgian-era architecture; the Sir John Soane Museum, with the sarcophagus of Seti I in the basement; and Chiswick House, where the Duchess of Devonshire entertained on the weekends.

England is ancient and strong, the parent of America despite the war it took
for the child to break free. No couple of bombs could faze this country, much less rock its foundation.

And I love England's spirit, its pluckiness and its sense of humor. I've written over a dozen historical romances celebrating these very things. My most recent project is a series of four books about the powerful Griffin family. The second book, An Invitation to Sin (Dec., Avon), features the youngest Griffin brother, Zachary, who finds himself literally trapped in a house populated by seven sisters, six of whom would desperately like to net him as a husband.

I'm also writing a contemporary romantic suspense series featuring semi-reformed jewel thief Samantha Jellicoe and British billionaire Richard Addison and their evolving, amusing and not-always-successful relationship. The second book, Don't Look Down, is out this month from Avon.

Yes, even my contemporary romances feature an English hero -- I'll take any excuse to visit London again, if only
on paper.

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