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Jaime Rush

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Dear Reader,

A couple of years ago, an intriguing world began building in my mind that centered on humans who held a sliver of either a fallen angel, a dragon god, or a sorcerer god. I had an overall idea and tantalizing bits, but no cohesive whole. That level of world-building was beyond what I'd created in my Offspring series, so I decided to dip my toes in the water by writing two novellas. An industry professional suggested that I link them together. Always up for a challenge, I started playing. Right away I got a bit of the scene that became the opening for Dragon Mine, the first story. Kirin is woken by a call from his twin sister Lyra, who tells him their father is missing. His first reaction is to ask, "So, is there a celebration?"

I love getting scenes like this. I could see Kirin so clearly, hair tousled, sprawled across his rumpled bed. What I had to figure out was why he would say such a thing. I knew that these twins would feature in the novellas.

It was quite a challenge to make these two stories like yin and yang, two complete pieces that fit together. So first we have Kirin, who returns to Miami but runs into his former love. He finds out that her father is also missing. Given that the men have a volatile history, they figure the two disappearances must be related. He and Elle also have a rocky past — and a hot chemistry that's alive and well. While I don't want to give too much away, suffice it to say that the romance, along with one of the mysteries, is solved by the end of Dragon Mine. The other is solved by Lyra in her novella, Dragon Rising (October 1).

To make matters more interesting, Elle is a Deuce, my world's term for a sorcerer. In Lyra's story, she must enlist the help of a man who's half fallen angel. Mixing up the three classes of human/god hybrids was a great way to not only introduce them, but also increase the tension. Because they don't play well together.

I've written prior four novellas, but this was the first time I began a series in this format. My world, set against the backdrop of contemporary Miami, evolved as I wrote. A history had to be created, and a thousand decisions had to be made, and each one needed to be added to my world notes. At times, it seemed I was copying more than I was actually writing! By the end of the two novellas, I had a pretty good handle on my world, my people, and all the dark creatures who inhabit the Hidden. I hope readers will too.

- Jaime Rush

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