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Dream Catcher

How do you convince a pint-sized, irrepressible bundle of trouble that she can't go traipsing on back to Kentucky, even if she is toting her granddaddy's squirrel rifle and lethal Bowie knife? There's a war going on between the Cheyenne and the U.S. army, and the brash-talking redhead, dressed in a white boy's shirt and britches, refuses to admit she needs anyone's help in returning safely to her home.

When Rachel Rose Robinson wanders into Strong Elk Heart's village-proclaiming that she isn't lost, just heading over yonder-he comes face to face with a dilemma he should have known was coming moons ago. He'd simply refused to believe what the Great Powers had foretold in a recurring vision. A little whitetailed fawn would come bounding into his life and nothing would ever be the same again.

Strong Elk spent years as a scout and interpreter for the horse soldiers. Now he's back with his people, wary and distrusting of all whites. He speaks several languages fluently, English being one of them. But he's never heard anyone talk like this sassy-mouthed tomboy.

I have to admit, I smiled the entire time I wrote DREAM CATCHER. Like Strong Elk, I watched and listened in growing astonishment as my impudent little Rosie, an illiterate girl from the Cumberlands, flourished her knife and threatened to teach the fierce, high plains warrior a lesson or two about mountain-folk. She surely seemed to enjoy stirring up hell with a long spoon. Audacious, stubborn and courageous to a fault, she clashed time and again with a man whom most folks wouldn't rile in a month of Sundays. And I knew, sure as a goose goes barefoot, this mismatched pair was heading for an explosion that would equal the detonation of a howitzer cannon. It did, but their love proved stronger-much to my delight and, hopefully, yours.

I'm currently working on the second book in the Dream Seekers trilogy, which will feature Rachel's twin daughters. P.O. Box 5511, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745-0511.

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