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DREAM LOVER is probably the most powerful and compelling book
I've ever written. I strongly believe we have an inner voice, an
infallible intuition that will guide us along the right path if
only we will listen to it. Before I started this story, I
considered writing a light sex farce, but the darker theme of
revenge persisted in my imagination, almost begging me to write
about it. So I listened to my inner voice.

I knew I had to set my story in Ireland because the history of
the Irish people is so heart scalding, it lends itself perfectly
to deep emotional conflict. DREAM LOVER is a complex tale with
many layers and themes--revenge, English vs. Irish, man vs. woman,
love vs. hate--but it also is a story of great contrasts,
intoxicating joy, and soul-destroying sadness.

DREAM LOVER is the story of two seafaring families; one English,
one Irish. Though they cannot stomach each other, they are bound
together not only by marriage, but by an unholy alliance of
smuggling, theft, piracy and every other type of chicanery from
bribery to treason. My hero, Sean O'Toole, suffers such betrayal
and injustice at the hands of the aristocratic English family
that his only reason for staying alive becomes revenge.

After five long years on a prison ship, Sean O'Toole, Earl of
Kildare, makes his escape in order to exact his revenge. While
imprisoned, Sean honed his body to rock-hard perfection, steeled
his will against all sentiment, and filled his mind with thoughts
of retribution. But at night his dreams were filled with memories
of his enemy's daughter--the half-Irish, half-English Emerald,
whose fiery beauty had beguiled him when they met, and whose bold
and fearless spirit he had never forgotten.

But he vows his memories of Emerald will not prevent him from
using her as a pawn in his plans. For Sean is a man whose need
for vengeance rules his heart, and Emerald will prove to be his
most effective weapon of revenge--or the instrument of his
destruction. He becomes the Prince of Hell!

When I turned in the book, my editor Marjorie Braman thought the
story so richly passionate and powerful that Dell decided to
publish it in hardcover. So you see, I was right to listen to my
inner voice!

Excerpt from DREAM LOVER

(Warning: This excerpt contains adult content. Discretion advised.)

"What the hell was that all about?" he demanded. "You were acting
like a little whore."

"But, Sean, darling, that's exactly what I am," she said sweetly,
"your whore. And you have made sure that all London knows it!"

"Get in the carriage." His tone warned her just how furious he
was, but Emerald ignored the warning. "Would you like me on my
hands and knees, my lord, so I can service you here in the

They entered the Mayfair house in silence. Emerald ran up two
flights to their spacious bedchamber. Her anger at him did not
cool, rather it grew hotter by the minute. She had thought the
diamonds a gift of love; now she knew he wanted to flaunt her and
the diamonds in the face of the English. Though the hour was late
she decided the evening was not quite over; the fireworks hadn't
yet started.

Sean lingered in the salon, trying to cool his temper with a
snifter of French brandy. By the time he finished it, he felt in
full control. He slowly mounted the stairs, and when he entered
the bedchamber he was almost ready to forgive her.

She deliberately turned her back on him.

He felt his control slip a notch.

Completely ignoring him, she unfastened the crimson velvet and
stepped out of it. Naked, save for lace stockings and diamonds,
she sat down at the dressing table and picked up her hairbrush.
Emerald knew his dark eyes were riveted upon her. She bent her
head forward, allowing her hair to almost touch the carpet,
brushed it vigorously, then tossed it back so that it fell in a
smoky cloud about her shoulders. With hairbrush still in hand she
padded over to the bed with feline grace to retrieve her night
rail from beneath the pillow. She made no effort to put it on,
but took it back to the dressing table with her, then very
deliberately she brushed the black curls between her legs.

"What the hell game is this you are playing?" he growled.

She dropped the hairbrush and with hands on naked hips walked
provocatively toward him. "A harlot's game. Isn't that what you
want? I was just admiring the diamonds one last time before I
give them back. They are your property, just as I am. We are both
for display purposes only."

"Stop this game now," he said with quiet authority. Lust now
mingled with his anger, and lust was rapidly gaining the upper

"When you gave me the diamonds last night in bed, I didn't
realize the significance. I had no idea I was paying for them
with sexual favors. Perhaps last night was only the down
payment?" She knew she was deliberately goading him, as did Sean.
She wanted to exercise her woman's power over him, to see if she
could shatter his control into a million shards.

He reached out with powerful hands and jerked her against him.
"If you want fireworks, I'll start with skyrockets."

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