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Dinah McCall

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Reincarnation, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Sharon Sala's Mezmerizing Debut Writing As Dinah McCall



Every so often an author writes a book that is so extraordinary it transcends the genre and creates a buzz of excitement throughout the industry. From the moment DREAMCATCHER arrived at HarperPaperbacks we knew we had something very special, and it is with delight that we bring you this powerful and spellbinding story.

Dreamcatcher is at once a romance, a time-travel, and a mystical tale based on the Native American legend of dreamcatchers. According to the legend, when placed over the bed the dreamcatcher filters all of a person's dreams through its webbing, allowing only the pleasant dreams to get through. In this carefully spun and emotionally gripping story, the dreamcatcher provides the beautiful, but tortured Amanda Potter, not only with hope for a better life, but the strength to accept her destiny and the love of another man.

Although Dreamcatcher was written by Sharon Sala, an author close to all of our hearts, this book was a departure from her signature style, and we felt that it deserved an identity all its own. Thus the name Dinah McCall was born. With the comfort and familiarity of an author you already know and love, and the guarantee of a truly mesmerizing story, you can indulge yourself with the confidence that you are reading one of this year's best novels. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why Dinah McCall and Dreamcatcher should be on your "must read" list.

Check Out This EXCERPT:


He came through the light. A dark silhouette within a white so bright that it was impossible to look away. Compelled by the power with which he moved, she gazed upon the breadth of his shoulders, the length of his legs, and waited to see his face.

Amanda sighed restlessly, curling into an even tighter ball upon the bed, and fought the urge to scream. He was close. So close. She imagined that she could feel his breath, hear the rush of his blood as it thundered through his body, feel the silken brush of his hair as it cloaked her shoulders and her arms.

She feared the pain of his touch. In Amanda's world, with men, there was always pain. Her husband had never shown her anything else, and he'd been her first. But as he came closer, she waited for a pain that never came.

Instead, she imagined that she felt the bed give beneath her. Then she felt the weight of his body as it slid along the length of her back, coaxing her body from its coiled shell into relaxing against the warmth and the strength of his own. The chill of fear slid away, along with her worries as he enfolded her within his arms.

The last thing she remembered was the scent of leather and wood smoke, the touch of his lips upon her brow, and the thought that she'd been held like this before.

Inner peace flowed throughout her body, and Amanda slept.



You can write to Dinah McCall/ Sharon Sala at Rt. 2, Box 110A-1, Prague, OK 74864.


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