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Tina Wainscott

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Dreams of You

When something horrible happens, we're supposed to see our life flash before our eyes. But what if we saw someone else's life? When fashion photographer Adrian Wilde is struck by lightning, not only does he see a mysterious woman's life of wealth and privilege, his soul actually goes into hers just as she's caught in an explosion. Long after he's revived, Adrian can't get "Madame Blue" out of his mind and dreams. His psychic aunt reveals that his soul bonded with Madame Blue's, but that her life is in danger. And if Adrian should somehow find her, he could save her life -or bring her more risk.

Three years later, Madame Blue, dressed like a homeless person, appears in the background of one of his photographs. Adrian, searching for the woman who haunts his dreams and soul, plunges into a world that embodies his childhood fears, a world that tests his honesty and honor, and makes him question the true meaning of happiness. But danger awaits, just as his aunt predicted.

Nikki Madsen still lives with the emotional and physical scars of the explosion that tore her life apart. A killer wants to finish the job he started, and no one, not even the police, can protect her. So Nikki hid in the one place she felt safe: the streets. There she can blend in with the homeless and count the days until her four-year sentence is up. When a handsome stranger appears, she feels that she has finally found where she belongs-in his arms. She is drawn to Adrian, but she cannot give him her heart or trust. Because someone wants her dead...and Adrian could be the killer.

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