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Heather Graham

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Years ago, just before she graduated from high school, she was swimming with a group of friends at a local rock pit when a girl died. Was it an accident or murder? Sean Black, the handsome, charismatic boy with whom shed been secretly in love, had been indicted for murder. Hed been Mandys boyfriend and theyd quarreled right before she died. But there hadnt been any real evidence of murder, and Sean had gone free.

Lori has barely arrived back home when she discovers that Sean, now a renowned author using the pseudonym Michael Shayne, has come into town as well on a promotional tourhis first trip back since he had fled from the pain and the memories.

Just as she and Sean arrive in town, another friend is found brutally murdered. Theyre all therethe old group from their high school daysand the killer from their past must be caught this time.

Its difficult to unmask the truth amongst a young, gorgeous and ever-smiling group. But it becomes more and more evident that the killer must be among their number. Does she dare believe Sean, especially when she has been keeping secrets herself for fifteen years? Her future plans are at stake, for the killer is most anxious to get his hands on Lori. In order to survive, she will have to learn to trust in Sean, and in the truths she knows in her heart, as well as her mind.

Ready, set drop dead, gorgeous:

He was there, standing by his car. He grinned when he saw her. That killer-gorgeous kind of a smile that sent her heart racing. God, he was hot. And it wasnt that she would stoop to a one-night stand with a primate, and she wasnt easy or anything of the sort; it had just been so long since shed even seen such a guy that she was


She could already feel him on the inside.

Okay, so tonight shed be easy. Besides, maybe she knew him. There was that strange something that was familiar about him

Coming with me? he asked her. Cocky. Damned cocky. He had a right to be.

Maybe, she told him, smiling as she walked toward his car. But as she neared him, she saw something in his face change. A warning bell went off inside her. Confusion stirred within while she thought madly and then

Her eyes had fallen and she could see inside his car. See what he had in the front seat.

Oh, God. Her mother had warned her, her friends had warned her. Watch out. Your lifestyle is too loose. Playing around may be fun, but watch out, be careful. Some men are worse than primates. Some men are deranged.

And some are killers.

She dragged her eyes back to his, feeling a paralyzing, instinctive fear take hold of her. He was still smiling. She wanted to scream; her heart slammed against the wall of her chest.

She couldnt scream. It was as if she were living out a nightmare; her vocal cords were frozen. He was familiar, hell yes, he was familiar. She didnt just know him, she knew him well. And she suddenly knew a truth that had eluded her for years.

She knew truth

And terror.

She turned and started to run. And it was then that the tire iron slammed against her skull. And she saw and felt no more.

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