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Historical author Eloisa James knows all the tricks to having an extraordinary career…

Unconventional just might be her middle name. Eloisa James made a splashy debut with the hardcover Potent Pleasures from Bantam, about—of all things—the hero's impotency. The newbie writer was informed by readers that her novel had some serious historical inaccuracies, and she managed the never-before-accomplished feat of convincing her publisher to let her revise the content for its paperback release. Then, after finishing out her Pleasures trilogy, she bought back her lucrative hardcover contract from Bantam and went in search of more accessible pastures.

"Readers don't want to buy hardcovers. But I also think that Avon is doing a marvelous job publishing Regency romances. I decided I wanted to be where they publish my type of novels the best."

Hence, she makes her paperback debut this month with Avon Books, and as you'd expect, her story is rooted in unconventional origins.While DUCHESS IN LOVE is firmly set in the Regency period, the inspiration for the tale actually stemmed from an earlier time in English history.

"Back in the 1590s, the Earl of Essex returned home from a trip to the continent that had lasted for many years. Entering a ballroom, he saw a gorgeous woman dancing. Turning to a bystander,
he asked who she was. Imagine the earl's shock when he was told it was his own wife!"

Duchess in Love sprang from the notion of that bewildered duke and his glorious dancing wife Gina. The Duchess of Girton had been wed to her childhood friend, Camden, while she was still in school. But immediately after the ceremony, the duke left for Europe and it's been more than a decade since he last saw his youthful bride. When he returns to England to annul their vows, he strolls into a ballroom and sees an exquisite woman dancing.

To read an excerpt from the novel—the exhilarating ballroom scene itself!—visit her website at

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