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The Duke

Catherine Coulter is one of the "originals"-in more ways than one. She is still as enthusiastic about the business as she was when she began writing.

The Autumn Countess appeared at the end of 1978. She wrote seven Regency Romances for NAL/Signet and, in January 1993, her first rewrite, The Rebel Bride, appeared, followed by Lord Harry (originally titled Lord Harry's Folly) in January '94. This October The Generous Earl will be on the shelves under a new title, THE DUKE. "There is nothing more satisfying than being able to completely rewrite a book that I wrote 15 years ago with the style I have now," she says. "I will rewrite six of the Regency Romances, one per year."

Many of Coulter's Regency Romances were quite long, much longer than the 70,000 words originally required, so rewriting was a matter of turning a straight, stylized Regency into a historical romance by enriching the characters and the dialogue, adding fullness and new scenes. "I leave the skeleton intact," explains the author, "but everything else does change. Many of us who have written for a good number of years are beginning to get into rewrites: Dean Koontz, Mary Jo Putney and Stephen King are notable examples."

On the back of each of Coulter's novels is her signature "Dear Reader," where she clearly states that the book is an older novel that she has completely rewritten, offering readers some of her reasons for doing so. "I hope that someone who read the original The Generous Earl will find THE DUKE more enjoyable reading," she says. "The characters are more flushed out, there's more humor, and maybe most importantly, I've denuded it of the extraneous explanation points and adverbs. I changed the title to THE DUKE simply because the original title sounds too Regency genre and now, with the rewrite, it's not."

Catherine writes one original hardcover a year for her publisher Putnam/Berkley. Rosehaven, a Medieval historical romance, will be out in the summer of '96. She also writes one original paperback-the one coming up is a contemporary romantic suspense titled THE COVE, due out in paperback in February '96. "It's very different," she says, "I hope the readers will go nuts over it. Also, it's my dream to see one of my novels made into a movie before I croak. Just maybe THE COVE will be the one." If her agent of 15 years, Robert Gottlieb of the William Morris Agency, has his way, it could happen.

Travel plans for Catherine and her physician husband include a trip to Ireland this fall. Meanwhile, her beloved cat Gilly is turning 21. "That's about 150 years old in people time." She adds with a warm chuckle, "When I'm his age I hope people gently shove food under my nose and brush me three times a day!"

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