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Never have I had so much trouble naming a book as I did with tTHE DUKE AND I.
It started out as My Favorite Mistake,
and managed to stay that way for many months. But the powers that be werent crazy about it and my editor told me to start thinking up new titlesfast.

I called back the next day. How about Daphne Does the Duke?

Ha ha hano.

But itll get lots of second glances at the store, I persisted.

Not the kind of second glances you want. Besides, she added, wouldnt it be great to come up with a How to title? Something that ties in with your last book, How to Marry a Marquis?

Try as I might, I couldnt think of a
single good How to title, although
How To Vivisect a Viscount seemed like a good bet for a future novel. My editor called back the next day with her suggestion: How to Bear an Heir. I thought she was kidding at first, but I went along with it. It was certainly different, and it definitely had a lot to do with the major themes of the book.

How to Bear an Heir was nixed, however, and the book was named At the Dukes Request. The title didnt do a whole lot for me, but on the other hand, I didnt hate it, so I agreed. But two days later I got a call saying theyd changed their minds; At the Dukes Request wasnt zippy enough. How about The Dukes One Desire?

Noooo! I howled. Anything but that! Cant we just use Daphne Does the Duke?

Ha ha hano. But were running out of time. We need something quickly.

Desperate, I sought others opinions, and one of the fine ladies who frequent the bulletin board at suggested Daphnes Bad Heir Day. Yes! I had my title!

Not. Although everyone did get a good laugh about it.

Finally, utterly desperate, I headed to Blockbuster Video to peruse the classic movie aisle. After all, Id shamelessly ripped off movie titles in the past. To Catch a Thief had become To Catch an Heiress and How to Marry a Millionaire had become How to Marry a Marquis. And then I saw it. On the bottom shelf, a beat-up box for The King and I.

I nearly got a speeding ticket on the
way home. THE DUKE AND I! I yelled into the phone. THE DUKE AND I!

And so it was.

A portion of the authors royalties from the sale of THE DUKE AND I will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Please visit for information.

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