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Beth Saulnier

Book Title: ECSTASY
Genre: Amateur Sleuth, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Mystery Author Beth Saulnier is Reporting for Duty

They say the line between reality and fiction is getting fuzzier every day. Mystery author Beth Saulnier's okay with that. Her series featuring reporter Alex Bernier, and set in college town Gabriel, New York, is based on real news stories the author has covered during her career as a journalist in Ithaca.
"Just as each story a reporter covers is different, each book has a different flavor.

So far I've done physics, veterinary medicine, theater, genetic engineering, now sex, drugs and rock and roll. Politics are next—and I like to think
the possibilities are endless."

Her fifth tile in the series, ECSTASY (Warner), tells the tale of a clique of eight high school students who overdose at a local Lollapalooza-like music festival and who are hiding a dark secret. The setting was based on a similar (though death- and debauchery-free) festival that Saulnier covered in Trumansberg, New York.

In addition to spinning an interesting story with each new book, Alex is a very real heroine who's tough without being hardened, vulnerable without being sappy. Plus, she has three great sidekicks, two male reporters based on Saulnier's own friends and a romantic interest in police detective Brian Cody. But in the next Alex book, a political thriller, Cody will join the FBI, and she'll deal with the strain of a long-distance relationship. (In it Alex is interviewing a U.S. congressman when he's assassinated.)

Separation from a loved one is something (else) Saulnier knows about. She's in the midst of relocating to Manhattan and planning a wedding to her own long-distance love. So it's not surprising that her next novel (her first stand-alone and first told in third-person) stars a girl who moves from a college town to New York City to get married and gets left at the altar. Saulnier jokes, "Yes, I have emphasized to my fiancé that this is fiction."

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