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Lara Adrian

Book Title: EDGE OF DAWN
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

When I think about my career as a published author—in fact, when I think about my life in general—there’s a certain quote that’s been something of a guidepost for me: “Leap, and the net will appear.” This “leap of faith” way of thinking is also how I’ve managed to write nearly twelve books (and one novella!) in a series that had originally been conceived as a single, standalone novel.

Now, here it is, eight years later, and I’m thrilled to be introducing Midnight Breed fans to an all-new spin on the story world and cast of characters they’ve come to know (and hopefully love). In my last novel, Darker After Midnight, the status quo of the Breed’s centuries-long, secret existence was blown to pieces in a single, blood-soaked night. Even though this twist came as a shock to most of my readers, I’ve been writing toward that big turning point since midway into the series. Now, I’m taking yet another leap of faith, and hoping readers will be eager to follow me into an exciting new arc of the series.

That new arc begins in my February 26 release, Edge Of Dawn, which opens twenty years after the close of Darker After Midnight. Since First Dawn, the morning after the attacks two decades ago, the Breed nation no longer lives under the radar of their unsuspecting human neighbors. The Breed warriors of the Order, once the unsung peace-keepers between vampire and man, have been deemed a lethal menace like the rest of their kind. Civil wars have come and gone during this time, and the current, tentative truce could crumble at any moment.

As a writer, I love romances that are set against a backdrop of deep external conflict and emotional drama. Add to that a pairing between two strong characters with their own unresolved history—better yet, an undiscovered betrayal—and I’m in storytelling heaven! In Edge Of Dawn, long-time Midnight Breed readers will be reintroduced to Mira, a little girl in the first arc of the series, who is now the formidable captain of her own team of Order warriors. Mira’s young heart has been crushed by the war that claimed the only man she’s ever loved, but she’ll soon find out the only thing that cuts deeper than a blade raised in combat is the sharp edge of a lie from someone she trusted above all others….

I hope you enjoy Edge Of Dawn and the rest of the books in the Midnight Breed series.

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Lara Adrian

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