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Jill Sorenson

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Introducing Eric

Thanks for having me at Everything Romance! I’m here to talk about one of my new releases, The Edge of Night, coming April 5th.

The first chapter features my main hero, gang unit police officer Noah Young. When he finds the body of a young woman in a gang hideout, he’s asked to assist the homicide division with the investigation. Unlike many cop characters, Noah isn’t jaded from experience or emotionally guarded. He doesn’t have a troubled past or a drinking problem. He’s clean-cut, idealistic, and eager to make a difference.

My secondary hero, Eric Hernandez, is more of a bad boy. Although he’s not cocky or cruel, he’s had a difficult life and it shows. He’s a gang member and a drug dealer.

The Edge of Night has two romances for the price of one. The central relationship is between Noah Young and April Ortiz, a cocktail waitress with gang connections. April is a struggling single mom putting herself through college. Eric is uncle to April’s daughter, Jenny.

The secondary romance is between Eric and Meghan Young—Noah’s naïve little sister. Eric meets Meghan at a local grocery store where he works. He’s the hot stock-boy with tattoos and a hard edge.  

Gang member heroes aren’t common in romance, so I thought I’d share my reasons for choosing that type of character. The story is set in San Diego, where I live. We are a diverse community and I’m proud of that. The Hispanic culture has had a huge influence on my writing. I’ve traveled all over Mexico and I minored in Spanish in college.  

I wanted to write a gang member character with heart and depth, someone who wasn’t an irredeemable thug. 

Click here for a brief exchange between April and Eric.

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