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British-born fantasy author Freda Warrington makes her U.S. debut this month with her newest novel, Elfland. Published by Tor, this intimate celebration of desires, human and Aetherial alike, is the first installment in her series of stand-alone novels, Aetherial Tales. RT caught up with Warrington to discuss Elfland and its influences.

You wrote your earliest series, Blackbird, when you were still a teenager. How is Elfland, your 18th novel, different from your earliest writings? That's an interesting question, as I recently re-edited my early Blackbird books. I found myself working on my earliest novels and on Elfland at the same time. The Blackbirds are what you might term "high fantasy" or "sword and sorcery" novels. There's a kind of na•vete to them, along with an epic storyline, but they are also incredibly passionate. My style has become more naturalistic over time. Also, a little more mature, I hope, but still passionate.

Do you see magic in our everyday world? In everyday life I am quite a skeptic and not the sort of person who reads cosmic significance into events. The real world is so full of amazing stuff that we hardly need to add anything supernatural on top of it. Sometimes things happen that seem magical because it's as if they were meant to be -- for example, a few years ago I was asked to judge a short-story competition, and the writer who won became a close friend of mine. I would never have met her otherwise. Hardly supernatural, but a wonderful occurrence all the same.

You grew up in the Charnwood Forest area of England and still work there part time. Is that setting an inspiration to you? It was and still is a huge inspiration. It's a really beautiful, rugged landscape with some of the most ancient volcanic rocks in the country. As I was growing up I spent many happy hours walking over the hills, through the bracken and woodlands, imagining stories. In fact I still do, at every opportunity! It's a strikingly atmospheric area that makes you feel the Other World is just a step away, or that you've already entered it. I set an earlier novel there, The Rainbow Gate, and it just felt natural to return to it for Elfland.

-- Amanda Woytus

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