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Enchant the Dream

When I first set out to write Enchant the Dream, I knew little more than it would be the story of Cerdic, the brother of my heroine in Enchant the Heavens who surrendered himself to Roman enslavement to save his people. Let me assure you, however, that I was also fully cognizant that, if this tale were to ever fly, my Britanni chieftain Cerdic, as compelling and handsome as he was, also needed a very special heroine.

Enter Gaelle, a fellow slave and a Germani priestess, sworn to celibacy, a gifted woman who uses runes to help prophesy people's futures. Before I knew it, my research into runes provided a fascinating backdrop and had become integrally woven into my protagonist's conflicts.

Dating back to ancient times, runes are characters used in Teutonic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian inscriptions. Meaning "secret" or "mystery," runes were used in ritual functions, the casting of lots, for divination, and were used to help people uncover the hidden meanings of life.

Rather than serving solely as a system of fortune-telling, runic divination instead directs attention toward those hidden fears and motivations shaping one's future by their unfelt presence within each present moment. They speak of growth and change, and can mirror the subconscious process. A process, once seen and recognized, that can be absorbed into the realm of choice.

Though never absolving one of the responsibility for determining one's own future, rune casting can serve as a guide toward those inner choices that will help ascertain that future. In the end, runes are tools, as valid in their own right as any other psychological or philosophical instrument. In the end, however, the final choice must always be ours. As, in the end, it was with Gaelle and Cerdic...

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