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Virginia Henley

Book Title: ENSLAVED
Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

A Time-Travel Debut for NY Times Best-Selling author Virginia Henley


Enslaved is my first time-travel and I enjoyed writing it so much that now I'm wondering what took me so long. Even as a little girl in England, I often imagined myself walking into the pictures that decorated the walls to start another life; so the concept has been with me forever.

I think I hesitated over writing a time-travel because I don't enjoy contemporary settings as well as I do historical ones. Then one day I was reading an article about antique shops in Bath, England, which was once called Aquae Sulis, and where every once in a while a genuine Roman artifact showed up.

I knew in a flash I had my time-travel! I would set the story in Regency Bath, rather than modern times, and sweep the story back to when the Romans occupied Britain.

Marcus Magnus, my Roman general, came to me full-blown. He was bigger, darker, stronger and more powerfully dangerous than all my previous heroes put together. The period played right into my wicked hands. Didn't the Romans enslave the Britons? The title for the book came to me the first day. It could have no other title but Enslaved.

My heroine, Lady Diana Davenport, feels only contempt for the silly fops of Georgian England and constantly daydreams about the powerful men in other eras. She longs for a real man, until she finds herself back in ancient times where a Roman general takes her as his slave. Then she wonders if she has bitten off more than she can chew! Will she be woman enough to enslave this powerful giant of a man? Three guesses! The dominant hero and beautiful heroine take on the roles of master and slave, but of course, he is the one who becomes Enslaved.

The story sweeps through time and space, allowing me to show off the settings of Georgian England, Roman-occupied Britain and briefly, Rome itself, under Emperor Nero.

I received the ultimate compliment when my editor, Marjorie Braman, wrote on my manuscript for Enslaved: V.H. You have made Ancient Rome come alive!

Of course, my story is first and foremost a passionate love affair between my hero and heroine. She is fortunate enough to fall in love with the same man twice - as he was in ancient times and as he is in Regency Bath. My lovers finally recognize they are true soul mates, destined to be together throughout all eternity.

I believe this is one of my more sensual stories. It is always titillating and provocative when you can allow two men to make love to your heroine, even though it turns out that Marcus Magnus and Mark Hardwick, Earl of Bath, are one and the same man.

Enslaved has a beautiful, step-back cover that I think is the best one yet. Even the artwork came to me in a brilliant, Technicolor vision. I asked for my heroine's gown to expose one breast and suggested her hair could tastefully conceal it. Artist Gadino outdid himself and gave me exactly what I asked for.

I hope you enjoy reading Enslaved. Once again I've tried to make you laugh, cry and fall in love. Enjoy the passion!

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