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Georgina Gentry

Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

ETERNAL OUTLAW, my May Zebra romance, is probably the most unusual novel I will ever write. Its an historical/time-travel/paranormal that begins in the present and flashes back to the Old West of the 1890s.

Johnny Logan, the central character, is a half-breed outlaw who makes a deal with the devil and thinks hes gotten the best of the bargain. Johnny gets to live forever and, in the present, becomes an outlaw on Wall Street.

But Johnny has forgotten something.
Every 100 years he must return to that exact day, relive the same events and renew his contract. And just in case he forgets, the devil shows up to remind him.

Angie Newland is a typical, modern American woman: divorced, overweight and struggling to earn a living. She works for John Logan, unaware that the brooding, troubled millionaire is hiding secrets until she begins falling in love with him.

Trying to help Johnny, Angie follows
him back in time. But does Angie really love the half-breed gunslinger enough to risk getting trapped in the year 1892 in order to save him from his unholy alliance?

As usual, my story is related to a real event in Western history. The famous Dalton Gang tried to rob two banks at once in the little town of Coffeyville, Kansas. What intrigued me about the Dalton Gangs last raid was the mystery of the sixth man whom witnesses claim they saw on the day of the robbery. Yet there were only five men at the bloody climax. Was there a sixth robber, and, if so, what happened to him? The mystery has never been solved, so it makes a fine plot device for my book.

And now, two pieces of good news for my fans: along with the release of ETERNAL OUTLAW, Zebra is re-releasing my out-of-print classic, Comanche Cowboy.

Im also thrilled that my 1998 romance, Cheyenne Song, has been nominated for an RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best Historical Romance.

I love to hear from readers! Check out my web page: georginagentry and see my Indian dance! Or write to me at: Box 162, Edmond, OK 73083-0162. SASE appreciated.

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