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Maggie Shayne Delivers A Love That Will Last Through ETERNITY!

I was in Boston in 1997. I was sitting in a small room, across the table from a psychic whose readings had so impressed several friends of mine that I decided to make an appointment with her myself. She didn't know anything about me. Not my pen name, or whether I was a published author or had children. But she told me each of these things as she laid card upon card on the table between us, her left hand resting palm down atop my right hand, palm up.

Then she said, "What you write is not fiction. Not entirely. The times and the places are times and places you have seen in past lives. Not the stories themselves. But some of the people in them, and the settings, and some of the events." She flipped a card and said, "You had a lifetime in Norse lands," and I thought of Miranda's Viking. She said there was an Egyptian lifetime, and I thought of Rhiannon from Twilight Memories. She said I had been executed at the guillotine during the French Revolution, much like Eric nearly was in Twilight Phantasies. She mentioned the obscure land of Sumer, where Damien of Twilight Illusions came from. And then she said that the memories were too traumatic for me to recall as reality, so I chose to recall them as fiction, and to believe I was making them up. Then she went on to tell me the next story would be the most powerful one yet, because it would bring on emotions almost too potent to bear. But she wouldn't tell me anything more about it, not wanting to influence me should I choose not to remember.

I thought back on that later, when I sat down to write the very first lines of Eternity. Because a strange thing happened to me as I sat down to work on that story; I shook. There I was, typing away, and I paused to notice that my legs, my hands, my shoulders were trembling. And the more I wrote, the more pronounced the trembling became. Within a few more minutes there was a tightness in my chest, and then a sharp pain that scared me so badly I saw a doctor, and even a cardiologist, only to be pronounced fine and healthy. The symptoms returned though—every time I sat down to work on this book, and only this book.

I had penned twenty-three novels and novellas before Eternity, but I'd never felt anything like this before.

Now, I'm not saying I believe what the psychic said; but I'm not willing to discount it either. I definitely felt something intensely powerful moving through me as I wrote this book. What it was—well, who knows?

I just hope the powerful emotional impact of this story touches its readers with a fraction of the force with which it touched me. And I hope the'yll let me know if it does.

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