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Every Wish Fulfilled

I can't tell you how excited I am about my latest, EVERY WISH FULFILLED. It's my debut in a lead slot. Thanks to all of my readers (and Avon!) for their support.

Some have already met the heroine, Heather Duval, as a child in "Scandal's Bride," from Married at Midnight, the second Kathleen E. Woodiwiss anthology.

Those who've read "Scandal's Bride" already know that Heather is a bit different from most heroines. She's definitely not a "perfect" heroine. True, she's a beauty. But when it comes to being lithe and graceful, a study in grace and elegance...well, such things are wholly beyond her means.

Heather, you see, is lame. She walks with the aid of a cane. Though she is nearly 25, she's never been kissed. She's never had a single suitor, nor does she think she's pretty-she's borne the brunt of too many stares. But her limitation has made her stronger. She's independent, capable and spirited-and she's a realist. She resigned to the fact that she will never marry. And she doesn't feel she's unworthy of love. Her family loves her dearly. But when it comes to the opposite sex, Heather needs a special kind of love-a special kind of man. As we say today, a real man. A real hero.

Enter Damien Lewis Tremayne.

From the time they first meet, they know their lives will change. But Heather knows this mysterious man is not what he seems, and indeed, Damien is intent on finding his brother's murderer. The path they must take is rife with masquerade and danger, with shocking secrets and perilous truths, and a multitude of emotions.

Heather and Damien have touched my heart in unexpected ways, and I hope they'll touch yours as well.

Write to me c/o Avon Books, Publicity Dept., 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. SASE appreciated.

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