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Melissa MacNeal

Book Title: EVIL'S NIECE
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Leather and Lace and Everything Nice?


You might remember her as Charlotte Hubbard, the author of several historical romances for Zebra Books in the early '90s, but these days, Melissa MacNeal decks herself out in black leather and lace to sign her erotic novels at conferences.

"When I sold to Black Lace, a new name seemed best for its largely European audience and a genre that sets aside the conventions of romance," Hubbard explains. "A bookselller suggested I wear leather to a signing at a tattoo parlor, and my alter ego Melissa just strutted out of the closet. Now there's no controlling her!"

Fans at the recent RT Booklovers' Convention in Reno can attest to that. MacNeal was a huge success at the conference, selling out of her novel, Satan's Angel, before the annual book fair was even half over. She also heard time and again how hungry readers and booksellers are for good erotica. Then she returned home to see part of her own wardrobe, an edgy black-veiled hat, as the cover art for her April Black Lace release, EVIL'S NIECE.

But don't let the dark title fool you. Like its creator's sassy wardrobe-cum-cover art, EVIL'S NIECE has a true sense of playfulness, beginning with a play on the heroine's name. Eve Proffit is a devoted wife living in New Orleans' famed Garden District and trying to learn the ways of passion to seduce her handsome husband, Chapin, who is running for mayor. The last man she should trust to instruct her on this matter is Chapin's bastard half-brother, Dewel, but the dark, deceptive Creole is determined to have his way with Eve…by letting her have things her way! Mix in three maids with a taste for spanking who are not what they seem and some family secrets, and you have a story of passion, imagination and humor told in unique Melissa MacNealstyle (which one critic described as "Victoria Holt writing as Fanny Hill").

For lucky readers in the Missouri area, MacNeal will be hosting book signings in full regalia on Saturday, April 26 from 56:30 pm at the Holiday Inn/Viking Conference Center in St. Louis and on Thursday, May 1 from 11:30 am1 pm at Downtown Book & Toy in Jefferson City. She'll also be speaking and signing at the PennWriters conference in Pittsburgh on Saturday, May 17, and this fall she'll be attending the RT Booklovers Conference in Kansas City.

Contact Melissa at and ask for an EVIL'S NIECE bookmark, or visit her at

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