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Eyes of Love

For all of you who made The Crystal Heart (May '95) a national bestseller, I want to tell you the next book in the Morlaix story is, I hope, something special. It's full of magic, and Celtic magic at that.

Critics and readers have said the Katherine Deauxville "Morlaix" books about the Middle Ages are so realistic they make you feel you are really there. I think the same can be said about the next book in the series, eyes of love.

When two kings, William of Scotland and Henry II of England, believe the beautiful Edain, an orphan from a convent, has powers to foretell the future, both want her to help in their war against each other. Magnus FitzJulien (grown now from the young boy readers met in The Crystal Heart) knows from the moment he sees Edain sitting on the beach awaiting exile that she is his destiny. Many obstacles stand between the lovers, but their magical passion will not be denied. If you liked the other sensual, adventure-filled Morlaix novels, Blood Red Roses, Daggers of Gold, The Amethyst Crown and The Crystal Heart, you'll want to follow more of the story in Eyes of Love.

Many readers have written asking me about the "next" TV movie to follow up the smash hit of 1994's "A Christmas Romance" with Olivia Newton John on CBS. There are several things in the works, but I have to keep reminding myself it took three years from the first Hollywood option to get "A Christmas Romance" to the screen. Please, I need your help-keep your fingers crossed for me!

I love to hear from readers. You can write me c/o Maggie Davis, P.O. Box 37574, Sarasota, FL 34278-4574.

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