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Simone Bryant

Book Title: FABULOUS
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult, Young Adult

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Growing up in Newark, N.J., it seemed obvious that Niobia Bryant would one day become an author.
Bryant recalls, in particular, that bus rides with her friends were the site of much inspiration.

"In Newark, kids use public
transportation, so you had kids from other schools, people going to and from work and just folks trying to get where they needed to be on the New Jersey Transit buses," the author remembers.

"I don't know what started the storytelling on the bus, but I remember my friends would say, 'Tell us one of your stories,' or would ask a question that they knew would lead to one of my stories -- which really were little more than me elaborating on my life. I mean, really elaborating, on being kidnapped from a rich family or being on a wild adventure. Grown people -- who usually would be thinking, I wish those kids would hush -- would be listening and laughing right along with us."

Bryant and her imagination went on to create a successful publishing career. She became well known in the contemporary romance and mainstream fiction market, but thanks to some young cousins who aren't quite old enough to read those adult books, the author is adding one more genre to her bibliography: young adult, with the pen name of Simone Bryant.

The author is starting a new Kimani Tru series, Pace Academy, debuting this month with Fabulous. The series had Bryant channeling her adolescent days, though she insists Pace Academy is a far different place from University High, where she attended high school.

"Pace Academy is a private school for privileged children, a lot of whom have celebrity parents and enjoy a pretty fabulous life that is beyond reality," she says. "I loved attending University High, but no one arrived at school in a chauffeur-driven Bentley wearing outfits worth thousands of dollars."

Bryant says she's always been a fan of YA fiction. "One of the best memories I have is going with my mom to Macy's in downtown Newark. She would buy me books in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I had them all."

And now when the author heads to the bookstore with those young cousins, they can check out her Pace Academy books and make some new memories.

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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