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Nyrae Dawn

Book Title: FACADE
Genre: New Adult, Young Adult

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Author's Message

When I started writing Façade I knew what I was in for, but I didn’t have any clue how deeply the story would affect me—I didn’t know how deeply the characters would touch me.

It’s important to me to try and write people who are real. All of us are imperfect and life is messy, which means we are in turn, messy. We make mistakes and we ache and hopefully, we find our way into sunshine in the end.

It was that “realness” and the imperfects of Adrian and Delaney that drew me in. As I wrote, I became more entwined with these characters than any I’ve ever written before. When they hurt, I hurt. When they cried, I cried (often times while writing in public. It was pretty embarrassing). And when they laughed, I laughed. As I wrote, they became more than two characters in a book.

Delaney was my friend. Adrian was someone I wanted to hold. I also have to admit that writing their romance made me swoon. I loved their tender moments and I’m not sure I’ve ever such a burning need to give a couple their happily ever after until Adrian and Delaney told me their story.

That’s my favorite feeling to have when I’m reading or writing. There’s nothing like feeling that special connection to characters. Nothing like people who feel real to you, not only in their happy moments, but those times they make mistakes like we all do.

I hope readers will bond with Adrian and Delaney even half as much as I did. 

- Nyrae Dawn

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