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Lisa Ann Verge

Genre: Medieval, England, Historical Romance

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The Faery Bride

I confess. I love Disney movies. Of course, I don't usually admit this. Whenever a visitor comments on my stash of videos, I point to my two little girls, roll my eyes and let that speak for me. If that doesn't work, I just shrug and ask how else a working mom can guarantee 78 minutes of uninterrupted peace?

But I can't deny it any longer. I am a fairy tale junkie. And of all the fairy tales ever put to film, none touches me so deeply as "Beauty and the Beast." There's something about princes in disguise. A woman with desperate dreams and her attempts to tame the most dangerous beast of all-man.

It was just a matter of time before I indulged my obsession. After the publication of Twice Upon A Time, the paranormal historical that received so many award nominations, I wanted to write more about Conaire and Deirdre's happily-ever-after. Specifically, I wanted to write the stand-alone story of their daughter, Aileen.

Like her parents, Aileen has a special gift. Her fame as a healer has traveled from Ireland's west coast to the Welsh mountains, to the ears of a certain reclusive nobleman. Rhys, forced into exile after an odd affliction makes him the object of suspicion and horror, decides to make one last reckless attempt to regain a normal life. Of course, kidnapping and overall manhandling dost not a happy Irishwoman make... Still, Aileen soon discovers that Rhys will be the greatest challenge of her life. For he is the one man her unique magic cannot heal.

So was born my own beauty and the beast story-with a decided twist. Here's a taste:

He pulled her to the tiny hut. She felt as if she flew across the ground, as if the wind itself pushed open the door for them.

Every hard inch of his body pressed against her back. He snapped the netting off her hair. Burrowing beneath the tumble, he sucked his way down the line of her neck. She curled fistfuls of her tunic in her hands as her mind separated from her body, and her body fluxed to the commands of primitive instinct.

She hadn't come here expecting herb-scented reeds and tenderness. Such trappings were for beautiful women, gentle lovers, noble sentiments, none of which existed in this rubbled hut.

She had come for reasons she had not dared acknowledge, not until now.

She had come for Rhys...

The Faery Bride will be available in mid-February '96. Lisa loves to hear from readers. Write to her c/o Kensington Publishing Co., 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Please include an SASE for a reply.

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