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More than once, I have walked out of a movie theater, wiped away tears of sympathy or joy, and said: “That was truly inspiring.”

That happens when I read, too, and I’m sure it’s the same for most of us who love books.

When I began to write historical romance, I wanted to write THAT kind of inspirational love story: the kind that yanks my heart up into my throat, opens a world of love, wonder and pain, and then shows me a glorious glimpse of redemption.

Not that I was putting myself under any kind of pressure, right? 

I don’t think I can write this kind of story on my own. I can try, but I can’t create beauty. I can only reflect it from its original Creator. I write stories, but He writes better ones. That’s why history is my never-ending source of inspiration.

Fairer than Morning is based on true history and real people. When I first walked into the Hanby House museum in Westerville, Ohio, I was struck by the family history of the Hanbys. Their courage filled their lives with romance, adventure, and even heroism, though they were ordinary people like any of us. The Hanby story reminded me that hearts full of love overflow and spill that love into the lives of everyone they meet. A deep, unselfish love between a man and woman is not just an earthly love story, but a heavenly one too. Love may begin with a romance, but it doesn’t end there.

Fairer than Morning is the story of a young woman, Ann Miller, who is wise and strong beyond her years in many ways, but still full of romantic dreams about men and marriage. Her unexpected journey to Pittsburgh presents her with a difficult choice: should she accept the proposal of a gallant suitor, or aid another young man whose life is in grave danger? 

Ann discovers that life’s answers are not simple or straightforward, human beings are capable of great evil, and even those we love can sometimes break our hearts. But through her meeting with saddler’s apprentice Will Hanby, she learns that faith can bring us through any evil, and love is always stronger than hatred.

I hope you will be as uplifted by the real history behind this story as I am. I hope the bravery and compassion of the characters in Fairer than Morning stick with you, and remind you that real love can make a hero out of anyone.

- Rosslyn Eliott

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