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Fairy Tale

Duncan MacElgin is a man of power, a legendary warrior with the devil's own reputation and a shameful past. He has conquered great armies and the hearts of foreign princesses. It should be child's play for the ruthless Highlander to take an unruly clan of rebels under control...

Shouldn't it?

Under normal circumstances, yes. The circumstances within the massive bulk of Castle MacElgin, however, are anything but normal.

Starting with his being ambushed by a dainty but determined girl named Marsali Hay, Duncan discovers that all his battlefield experience has suddenly been rendered useless. The tartan-clad Marsali is impertinent, unrepentant and beautiful, and Duncan finds himself a mere amateur in warfare that uses human emotion as a weapon.

Which doesn't mean he won't put up a valiant fight. Still, to look athis ward, he can hardly believe the influence she wields over his eccentric clansmen, or the troubleshe causes him as she brews up a potent spell of magic, mischief and danger in her cauldron of good intentions. She never dreamed that he was the infamous "Black Duncan" returning home at last, to bring his misguided clan under control.

However, the price for revenge could be higher than he'd bargained for. Over the course of an enchanted summer, Marsali challenges him to the battle of his life and, with the help of a meddling old wizard and an apprentice witch, wins his hardened warrior's heart along the way.

Teresa Medeiros said, "FAIRY TALE bewitched me from the very first page." I hope you, too, will enjoy the magic of FAIRY TALE, my Pocket debut and lead title!

I look forward to hearing from you. Please write to me at P.O. Box 3074, Long Beach, CA 90803. An SASEis appreciated.

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